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Our project follows a combination of experiential and traditional education, designed to enhance learning goals , creative expression & life skills for each student. 

The curricula focuses on ecological sciences, agriculture maths & art  - finding ways to use the garden as an outdoor classroom and bringing these subjects into real world applications. 

We also host engaging experiential workshops around the IB and SSC curriculum for partner schools (grades 3 and up) around relevant environmental topics, volunteer services & design thinking. 


Get in touch with us if you'd like to work with us. 


The Living Labs project is a terrace space, located in the heart of BKC - comprised of an urban terrace farm that doubles up as an outdoor classroom, science lab and community jaunt. 

Designed & maintained by a handful of students from 6th grade in partnership with their facilitators, the students grow food, experiment with recycling waste, nurture a tree nursery & create their own learning space.

Founded on the principles of permaculture, our lab is a space for learning, creativity & innovation. 

SF9, G Block, Adjacent to American School of Bombay, Bandra - Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 098, India

Ms. Sukriti Gupta

Project Lead​


Ms Farida Bagasrawala

Project Partner



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Our living lab is a community space.


A place where enthusiasts of all ages can experience and learn about nature, the hearing & speaking challenged community, agriculture and basic construction.


From our neighbors at The American School of Bombay to a crowdfunding initiative with funds pouring in from all corners of the world to long project adoptions by Think Global School  - working on lab infrastructure, websites and so much more - our community has supported us each step of the way and we are grateful. 

To see the faces and events that have shaped our story over the last year and got us to where we are today - click on our timeline! 

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

 --Helen Keller