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The faces, stories and events that have shaped our project into what it is today - and continues to let us explore and nurture new opportunities for adventure and learning. Without hard work, faith and support from community, we wouldn't be where we are today.  Thank you for continuing to make this journey possible. 


Formal Classes Kick Off

Classes start on a weekly basis with the students. Lab systems are set up - the basics of planting, composting, planting from scraps, identifying seeds, and so on.

Jun 2017

Sept 2017

More community support

A set of longer term benefactors come in -  Think Global School 12th grade students adopt our lab as their CAS project and help co-create lab  infrastructure, this website and more!

Nov 2017

First Major Harvest

The first major harvest of our garden! We managed to harvest sweet potatoes, gourds, and a few drumstick - all from our garden spaces! 

Dec 2017

Multiple Systems are set up

On site composting, a plant nursery, multi crop planters  - all built from waste are now functional and maintained by students! Not a bad way to start 2018! 

Aug 2016

Sept 2016

Testing the Waters

A space is identified & occasional creative re use and gardening workshops are held with students to see impact and interest from students 

A program is formalized

AES & Save the Children India take a leap of faith deciding  to adopt a 2 year gardening/outdoor classroom  program with a handful of 6th grade students 

Jan 2017

Mar 2017

Community Support

Neighboring students from the American School of Bombay come to help with our lab build. They get down and dirty - helping to create outdoor seating, a plant nursery and much more - all from waste! 

Crowdfunding Launch

A crowd funding campaign is put together with donations coming form far and wide. From New York to Mumbai to Hong Kong - people generously give us a vote of support & put their best foot (& money) forward.